Beautiful custom wood doors add value to homes and increase curb appeal in Miami

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The renovation hype of spring is coming to a close and vacation season is ramping up with children released from school. Considering home renovation projects during the heat of summer while on vacation is an appealing idea for some home and property owners wanting to be out of the heat and sweat of remodeling projects; this grants them the option to take a break from work and simply return from their summer getaway to what may feel like a brand new home.


Explore one of the fastest and most immediately beautifying options for home remodeling with Borano Custom Wood Doors.

Most of us settle for the door which came with the large investment of buying a home. Not every modern builder considers the entryway as a focal point of the home nor do they necessarily use long-lasting materials. Doors are the first impression to what lies beyond their borders; very few people present an accurate introduction to the beauty beyond the door.

This attention to detail may boost the value of your property when selling or renting out by considerably more than the cost of door. The return on investment is two-fold when it comes to the profit as well as the experience of walking up to a beautiful door welcoming the inhabitant home.


Borano Custom Doors has developed partnerships with the most experienced and recommended architects, designers, and builders to create unique custom wood luxury doors from pure mahogany.

Durability and functionality are not sacrificed when creating an artful entryway. Borano Custom Doors has made use of only true mahogany to create beautiful custom wood doors to last a lifetime. Each door is made with a thickness of at least 2.25” with insulated glass panes and true Mortise-and-Tenon joinery. Dowels or flimsy pegs are never used to affix the work of art entryway to your home. When requested, the custom iron wrought grills are handcrafted with the utmost in care and craftsmanship.

Each door is one-of-a-kind as artisans create them individually rather than in bulk designs. Borano Custom Doors has partnered with the finest designers and architects; there is no style or design the team cannot create to enhance the beauty and personality of your home.

Order a custom luxury door online or speak with the specialists of Borano Custom Doors in Miami to increase the value of your home and stand out in the crowd of other houses.

Those seeking to enhance their home value with a custom wood door may take their own measurements by following the procedure online. Customers may collaborate remotely to design and approve CAD drawings reflecting their order. Clients may also call 786-655-9377 to speak with the dedicated staff of home arts from Borano Wood Doors. Visit https://customdoors.com for more information.

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