Custom wood doors personalize your home renovation

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A door is the handshake, the first impression, of your home or any room. While there is plenty of emphasis in a home renovation on the interior, the walls or flooring, the furniture, or new, updated appliances, announcing the hard work and thoughtful planning within can only be accomplished with equally thoughtful and beautiful crafted custom doors.


Modern or classic style custom wood doors should be built to last.

Numerous building contracts involve the use of imitation mahogany or various other inferior materials to construct the entryway of a room or home. These cheaply made essentials are then secured with flimsy fastenings such as pegs, screws, dowels, or crude nails.

A quality, custom wood door company in Miami will use true mahogany wood to craft a unique focal point for the place where you live your day-to-day life.

An experienced company like Borano will use Mortise-and-Tenon techniques to handcraft the entryway to your home or a newly renovated room. The use of higher quality materials makes the doors long-lasting and tolerant to extreme weather conditions.


Is it so important for custom wood doorsto be made from pure mahogany?

The short answer, if you want to invest in a lastingdoorway, is, “Yes.”

Mahogany is highly durable and among the most resistant materials to decay. While other types of wood doors have a tendency to shrink, mahogany exhibits minimal shrinkage, making it the optimum choice for coastal regions with hurricane potential like Florida.


3 reasons custom wood doors are an essential addition to your Miami home renovation plan:


Did you know custom wood doorsare more energy efficient?

When expertly handcrafted, a true mahogany wooden door will save you on your energy costs by keeping out the air from outside or in other rooms. This containment of air flow means there’s less strain on your heating and cooling systems (as well as your monthly bills).

Additionally, many custom wood doors are designed to keep out the noise around the front of your home.


Would you like more flexibility in the style and function of your front or interior custom wood doors?

A custom wooden door made by an experienced craftsman can truly be a work of art. The nature of wood makes possible many shapes and designs to properly fit the size and overall look of your home.

You’re likely familiar with the popular, modern, flush door which is completely flat on both sides. This look is clean and simple, but, with wooden doors, you have many more options.

Panel doors are rectangular or square shape; these doors range from one large panel up to 8 or more smaller panels. Similar to this style, bifold doors are a set of doors which are hinged together and fold into each other on a mounted track. A beautiful, old fashioned, and classic style available to you when you opt for custom wood doors is French doors; these doors are perfect for two hinge entryways for installation on either side (the doors swing toward one another). Sliding doors move along a mounted track either to the left or the right (these are beautiful options for dividing rooms within your home). Similar to sliding doors is the pocket door which slides on a mounted track into a small opening, or “pocket,” which hides the door and reveals an opening to the next room.


Are you interested in beautiful custom wood doors which also provide safety?

Thanks to the durability of a custom mahogany door, its strength is an effective buffer between the inside of the home and the non-human and human elements outside. The typical home related disasters are delayed or avoided with the added bulk and hardiness of custom wood doors. They qualify as impact doors which are recognized by insurance companies as Class A hurricane protection which entitles homeowners to a reduction in premium discounts of up to 40%, depending on the company.


Why Borano custom wood doors is the best option for personalizing any doorway in your home renovation in Miami, Florida.

Dream up the design for your door or find a photo of a door you love and the expert woodworkers of Borano will take the sketch or image and handcraft a work of art for your entryway.

Borano only uses the highest quality materials in their products and crafts custom wood doors with intentional design for weather impact. Included in the custom wood doors are multi-point lock operating systems. Customers have the option of traditional or concealed hinges and the bolts will flush with the building to make for a discrete, clean design. To increase the energy efficiency of your custom doors, Borano offers an impact insulated glass; this glass will also reduce fading of interior objects and furniture.


To see our work, learn what our customers think of us, and to speak with a representative to start work on your custom wood door call us at (786) 659-1965.


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