The History and Durability of Custom Wood Doors

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A custom wood door is an important part of a structure. Each day when one leaves or enters their home, apartment, office, or shop, he or she is participating in history and, likely, completely unaware of the background behind this common structure. Whether ornate and gorgeously handcrafted or simply a way to close off or open up a building, doors are taken for granted, expected to be there to guard our homes and stores; the lack of this barrier would be disruptive to everyday life and daily, modern expectations.


Before this day and age of steel or custom mahogany doors to be found in Miami, one of the very first and oldest custom doors dates back nearly 5000 years ago during the age of Stonehenge.

During an archaeological dig in Zurich, a wooden door was discovered and found to be remarkable based on “the way the planks were held together,” according to leading archaeologist Niels Bleicher. The door was 5 feet high and just under 3 feet wide in the midst of other remains of five Neolithic villages believed to be located around the same site. The door dates back to around 3063 B.C. and was made of poplar wood, featuring well-preserved hinges for opening and closing the structure to protect dwellers against the elements. Mr. Bleicher noted the door was “a clever design that even looks good,” which may come as a surprise if one believes beauty could not have been at the forefront of priorities for Neolithic humans.

Our ancestors would have had more than weather to keep out of their homes. Predators would also wander into caves and various other housing areas without a structure which would require human dexterity to overcome.


Custom wood doors would come into preference and regal fashion as early as the Biblical era.

Stone and metal doors were often employed for monuments and significant religious structures such as temples and government offices. For the everyday man, a wooden door was more likely to be in use. One exception to this general statistic was the door to the Temple of Solomon. As described in 1 Kings and discovered by archaeologists, his custom wood doors were made of olive trees and ornamented with angels (or, more specifically, cherubim) with blooming flowers and palms carved into the wood and overlaid with gold.

By the Middle Ages, the flair Solomon had for unique designs as part of the entryway to a building started to catch on, though, only the wealthy could afford to install the heavy, cumbersome wood doors. Between 1485-1625, otherwise considered to be the Tudor era, the doors one would have seen varied greatly when compared to doors of the highly ornate and organic expressions of the Baroque period (1625-1715). Wood doors of the Victorian era were somewhat lackluster compared to its predecessors.


Custom wood doors in Miami not only protect and decorate the front entryway of a structure; they are the introduction to a new room and what lies beyond the barrier.

As history moves along to the 1900’s, doors were made of various types of solid wood from maple, oak, chestnut, mahogany, or other types of local wood. Upon knocking, the solidity of the barrier was apparent with a satisfying thumping sound. The stiles and rails of the frame panels were sturdy and made to be strong and reliable. Following the 1950’s, however, doors had an obvious hollow sound upon knocking; these doors were made of less hardy materials like fiberboard and veneered plywood. The detail on these purely functional doors was lacking and the durability significantly diminished.

Today, the durability and solidity of a custom wooden door echoes back to the roots of mankind desiring to both maintain a level of privacy and safety while alerting a visitor of what sacred or welcoming aspects might be contained beyond the barrier. When one considers the function and history of the door, it inspires more care and consideration in this everyday structure which encases us and our private lives.

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Choosing to create a custom mahogany wood door perpetuates human history to some of its earliest days when security and protection from the elements still inspired an entryway which demonstrated originality and personal style. Browse Borano custom doors selection or call us at (786) 659-1965.


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