Where Beauty, Quality, and Durability Meet Safety

See how our doors withstand stringent impact tests over and over again!

Hurricanes can cause severe damages to a home when its forced winds enter and create best resume internal pressure that can lift the roof and cause other structural damages which compromises the building envelope. Customdoors understands the need for protection against these harsh environmental conditions, delivering a long-lasting, worry-free hurricane impact door all year round.

Customdoors Impact Doors not only have the same beautiful, high quality appearance as our non-impact products, but they are also specially engineered and tested to withstand ultimate extreme weather conditions. These custom state-of-the-art doors are built to your specifications and meet Miami-Dade County and State of Florida product approval requirements:

  • Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from the Miami Dade County Product Control Division
  • Building Code for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)
  • Building Code for Windstorm Resistant Construction

Our doors met and exceeded the most stringent code protocols by going through a series of rigorous third party agency testing in the areas of air and water infiltration and resistance, forced entry, cyclic wind resistance, flying debris, impact resistance and internal/external pressure cycles.

We achieved an outstanding Design Pressure (DS) of ±75 PSF hurricane/impact rating for single doors up to 42″ W x 120″ H and double doors up to 74″ W x 120″ H.

Florida state product approval